OOTI simplifies your life

Save time on administrative tasks

Thanks to the invoicing module. Your invoices are automatically generated based on your production progress. Avoid late payments thanks to alerts allowing you to track unpaid invoices.

Regain control of your organization

With the project and resource management system, benefit from a detailed vision of your company planning and project timelines as well as a complete analysis of time spent on each project.

Improve your profitability

With the finanical analytics from OOTI, you can keep track of your budgets, your expenses, and your profitability in real time. Anticipate and make more informed decisions thanks to automated financial projections from your projects.

Simplify your life

With a 360° solution designed from your industry, easily navigate across key modules like opportunities, projects, resources, invoicing, and finances.

The companies using OOTI reduced time spent on administrative work and mangement by 20% on average.

Stop wasting the time, energy, and talents of your staff on mondane and unproductive tasks.

All-in-one Manager

Opportunity Management

Follow new opportunities and quickly send professional fee proposals at the right time using information already added to your projects.

Project Management

Manage each essential step of good project management, including fees, progress, plannings, budgets, reports, invoicing, and more.

Resource Management

Organize your teams around projects to optimize their performance. Compare hours worked by collaborator with budgets defined to meet profitability objectives.

Invoicing Management

Follow the production team's progress and generate invoices in a few short clicks. Be informed of unpaid invoices and due dates. Invoices are available for download in PDF format directly from the software.

Financial Management

More than a project management software, OOTI also allows you to track tour your finances. Each administrator can track key indicators such as revenue, costs, and margin as well as financial projections in real time.

Use OOTI to save up to 1 day of work per week !

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