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In a few clicks, you can access all of our services.
No need for servers in place, just an internet connection.

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Quick, easy and free registration with no obligation

No form of payment is required for your free trial. If requested, we can provide an additional installation service.

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Uncover actionable channel-specific data

Import all your data from .xls files. Support material and our team will follow you during this process.

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No download necessary

You can immediately enjoy your new tool. If needed, our support team is available!

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“An interactive and effective training”

« I appreciated that we had time between each training session
to put into practice what we had learned, the availability
of the team (and their good humor)!

And the fact that I was able to test live, it helped me
retain everything, and every point was well explained,
making the training very clear. »

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A personnalized onboarding

If you request a premium onboarding, you will be supported by one of our dedicated customer managers. These meetings will be especially adapted to your needs.

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Get the premium onboarding to become
an OOTI expert and get the full potential of your software.

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Ask for a quote
The estimate will contain 2 to 4 installation appointments to integrate your data and daily monitoring.
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Training and importing your data
Our customer success team will accompany you in the set up of your account and your data imports.
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Ready to use !
You’re now ready ! Benefit from optimization and organization features to be even more efficient!
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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I access the platform?

From any device, online, you just need a WI-FI connexion. OOTI is a SaaS software.

How much time can I save with OOTI?

On average it is 1 full day of work per week, 32 hours per month saved with OOTI! You should try to do your own estimation with our free ROI simulator by clicking here:

Can I extract my data?

Your data is yours at all times. You can export your data from the software or generate personalized PDF reports for your important meetings.

Is my data safe?

With the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) in place, your data has never been so protected. We strive to be constantly up to date on regulations, even before mandatory implementation.

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