A list of your invoices

At a glance, access the agency's invoicing summary, by project. Get important information such as status, balance and due date.

Billing summary

The software automatically escalates important data that requires your attention. For example, all billable, pending, or late projects.

Revenue detailed

Track in detail your hours used throughout the project.

Invoice creation

Generate your invoices based on the progress of your projects. Create different templates as needed and send your invoices directly to your customer from the platform by email.

Invoices planning

Configure your billing schedule according to your needs. This can be a copy of your production schedule, but you can also apply the rules of your choice, such as 50% in the middle of the phase and 50% on delivery.

Invoices details

All the details of your invoices are available on each invoice. Status, amounts per phase and percentage invoiced.

Keep up with your
project’s progress
to ensure efficiency

Invoices list

Instantly view project-specific invoice detailsincluding status, balance, and due dates.

Billing overview

Set up a flexible billing schedule that mirrorsyour production needs or custom rules.

Revenue summary

Track in detail your revenue throughout the years

Invoice creation

Create and send project-based invoices with custom templates directly

Customer reminders

Auto-escalates critical data like billable, pending, or late projects. Send payment reminders easily.

Invoice details

Every invoice offers details on status, phase-wise amounts, and charged percentage.

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