Commercial Steps

Classify your potential projects by stage and manage them through your sales pipeline.

Fees calculator by phases

Start estimating your fees by phase and visualize the amount in details.

Fees proposals

Edit and export your proposal as PDF to send to your potential clients.

Create opportunities and start adding all the project details

Create opportunities before they become active projects in competitions or tenders.Start adding all the project details there before signing. Assign collaborators and start working on your opportunity.

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Centralize all needed information.

To gain time, you need eveything in one place. Stop going from file to file. In a blink of an eye, capture important KPI related to your activity.

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The secret to your growth is in the data you're overlooking.

Maximise reach and impact with detailed dashboards on your potential projects. Track your performance, fees and probabilities with an eye on the budget used too !

Ensure future business
and make previsions to
take better business decisions

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View and manage your potential projects through the sales pipeline and classify them.
Create and export all your fee’s proposals with the integrated text editor.
Start estimating your fees by phase, percentage of work or deliverables.
Create tasks by priority and assign them to project members.
Annual Goals
Set  a goal at the beginning of the year and follow it throughout.
Manage your competition’s progress and the potential revenue related.

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