Ressource planning

On each project, add time periods in the schedule. Then assign them to your teams to plan your time.

Tasks & notes

Create private or public tasks and assign them to collaborators and agency projects. Once finished, archive them.

Event calendar

With the detailed dashboard on your project’s progress, get an overview of each status, to better manage them.


Find simple user actions, alerts concerning your projects as well as any request for leave, expense report or time entry.


Post all your photos and comments on the blog to share inspirations, details, your project photos or even events within the agency.

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Mobile App

In addition to access from your computer, you can also view important data from your phone. To make your life easier, the application allows you to enter your expense reports in a photo and make your leave requests in a few clicks!

Centralise all your data and
follow team tasks to maximise
workload management and previsions


Project Agency Summary

All the information of your employees in the form of detailed sheets.


Add all profile information and manage contracts, roles and permissions.

Resources planning

On each project, add time periods and assign them.Visualize at a glance the availabilities of your teams.

Tasks Management

Create private or public tasks at the agency and assign them to collaborators and projects.


A notification center is available to find any actions, alerts or requests.

Mobile App

Completing your desktop version and always by your side, the app is intuitive and easy to use.

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