Manage your agency with real-time financial data.


Analyze your results and make the right decisions. Track your expenses on each project, the cost per co-contractor, sub-contractor etc.


Directly calculated according to the fixed and variable costs of your agency (contracts, offices, expenses etc.), get a real vision of your margin.


Track the budgets used on each project and by role. Adjust over the course of the project to control your spending.

Project profitability

Analyze your profitability and track project expenses. Compare the realized and projected margin throughout the years.


Make the right decisions with data reports from your past and current projects. OOTI calculates your financial projections based on the projects entered into the system.

Ensure future business and make previsions to take better business decisions


Analyze profitability and track projectexpenses by role.


Be aware of the actual and projected cost.


Track your finances in real-time to optimizeyour margin.


Manage spending by tracking and adjustingproject budgets.


Directly link project hours to financial summary.

Project screenings

Informed decision-making with turnover reports.

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