Registered time

Follow in real time the time recorded by each employeeand evaluate their workload. Benefit from useful data.


Each collaborator can enter his time on each project and each phase if he has permission.

Budget hour

View your budget in hours compared to your productivity.


View everything that is planned in the coming month and all the deadlines and deliveries of your projects. Each collaborator can organize his day and his time using the calendar. It is possible to add holidays and other events such as birthdays.

Cost composition

Discover the composition of costs by type or by project.


Add all your employees' contracts and their hour fee to calculate budgets in real-time.

Overhead costs

This will allow you to add them to your project and control them better through the year.

Expense Report

Add all your expense reports directly to the software and assign them to the corresponding projects. OOTI mobile application also allows you to add your expense reports by attaching a photo of the ticket directly!

Be up to date on your expenses
and time spent to never exceed your budget


View and manage your collaborators’ workload and the cost related.


Track your teams' timesheets by week and day.


View your budgetcompared to your productivity.


View and manage yourdeadlines and deliverables.


Discover the composition of your costs.

Expense reports

Add your expense report easily from your desktop version or your mobile application.

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