Don't let administrative tasks
overwhelm you.

Budget and costs

Plan ahead, add your management, costs and budgets.

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Time tracking

Involve your team to adjust budget and start time entry for each member.

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Automatically invoice clients based ion invoicing planning for each projects.

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Generate automatically your proposals with template you created.

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Fees solver

Calculate your fees based on contract, time or costs.

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Dispatch fees between your co-contractors by phases.

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Add your projects, their details, clients and members and follow their progress.

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Add and manage your sub-contractors fees in direct or non-direct payments.

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Add your potential project and start working on it before they get signed.

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Invest in a tool adapted to your needs

Manage your projects with co-contractors and sub-contractors. Work by phases and calculate your fees by price range.

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Centralize all needed information.

To gain time, you need eveything in one place. Stop going from file to file. In a blink of an eye, capture important KPI related to your activity.

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Automatize as much as you can

Save time and make your life easier by automating all your administrative tasks.

Navigate through tonnes of data with custom, auto-generated, relevant reports.


“With dashboards, invoice planning, fees and automatic invoicing, I can finally get my real time invoiced revenue ! I gained a lot of time and reliability on all of my 3 companies”

Romain Descheemaekere
Founder @RDC

Adapted to each roles

Navigate through tonnes of data with custom, auto-generated, relevant reports. Beat the competition with a tool made for your business.

Follow and update project progress

Make your projects manager responsable of their project my phases

Add work hours to follow budget

Hours entered by architects are directly linked to project budgets. Follow and adjust workload during projects.

Automatically invoice clients

Generate invoices and follow payments. Send reminders when invoices are late.

Pilote your business

Get the most of all data entered by your teams. Track revenue and benefit from all kinds of production and financial reports.

Discover the management tool for architecture.

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