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La Tech du BTP and OOTI : meeting the digital transition within architectural agencies

Meeting the Digital Transition of Construction Projects

OOTI met La Tech du BTP, a consultancy specializing in the digital transformation of architectural agencies, a sector greatly impacted by digital transition.Introducing a comprehensive and tailored Solution:

La Tech du BTP, Customized and Comprehensive Guidance

In this evolving market landscape and with the emergence of software solutions designed to streamline construction businesses, La Tech du BTP positions itself as the premier hub for digital offerings within the industry. Beyond merely cataloging existing digital solutions, it provides comprehensive guidance in transitioning to the most suitable tools. It functions as a genuine digital transformation consultancy, catering not only to major construction firms, but also to independent architects and project managers.

The objective? Empowering companies to make informed choices based on their structure and needs. "A large-scale project might entail numerous complexities in terms of tracking operations, necessitating substantial software, while a simplified tool might suffice for a smaller project" explains Louis-Marie Gouband, founder of La Tech du BTP. This is where their solution comes into play: comparative tables, personalized consultations, assistance in understanding the unique features of each software... the offer is all-encompassing.

The Ever-Evolving Digitization of the Architecture Market

ccording to Louis-Marie, recognizing the various professional profiles within the industry is crucial to understanding the evolving digital transformation of architectural enterprises. A project manager overseeing hundreds of collaborators and an independent architect will have differing levels of digitalization based on their distinct needs. Digital solutions must, therefore, be as flexible as possible to adapt to these diverse requirements.

"We're beginning to witness companies operating entirely in the digital realm" he suggests. This profound transformation demands a period of adjustment for professional tools to become true everyday companions in task optimization. The Millennial generation (born between 1984 and 1996), in particular, seeks easily exploitable solutions within their professional framework.

Envisioning the Agency of Tomorrow

When asked about La Tech du BTP's vision for the architecture agency of the future, the response is unequivocal: by facilitating seamless exchanges and delegating low-value tasks to software, architecture firms will greatly optimize their time. For Louis-Marie, this leads to reduced delays and enhanced margins. Can digitalization accomplish everything then?

"Today, even certain project elements are partially crafted by artificial intelligence. A significant technological advancement, but we must be cautious to strike a balance and not remove the human touch from the architect's work: the creative process should remain within human hands" responds Louis-Marie. It's a valuable support system, dedicated to time-consuming tasks and not intended to replace human creativity.

OOTI and La Tech du BTP: A Collaborative Endeavor Built to Last

OOTI leverages company data to oversee an agency from A to Z through data-driven insights. This notion is shared by Louis-Marie, who sees it as a significant degree of precision in data utilization, allowing for coherent and comprehensible organization. This shared vision has placed OOTI among the recommended software solutions by La Tech du BTP. To learn more, visit
Check also OOTI, the 100% dedicated software for administrative and financial management within architectural agencies.

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