An entrepreneurial success with OOTI

Clara Ravello
Founder and President
Clara Ravello

In the competitive world of interior design, standing out and effectively managing one's business is a major challenge for independents. Clara Ravello, a talented interior designer based in Clermont-Ferrand, brilliantly met this challenge by equipping herself with the OOTI software. This case study explores how OOTI played a crucial role in the creation and development of her agency in 2023.


After several years of experience in the field of interior design, Clara Ravello decided to start her own agency. Passionate and determined, she faced the classic challenges of business management: accounting, project management, client follow-up, etc. She realized that OOTI could be really useful for her, as she was previously losing a lot of time doing everything the old-fashioned way, with Excel and Word. OOTI then became her ally.


As an independent, Clara needed a tool that could simplify the management of her projects while offering her a clear view of her financial health. The absence of such a solution hindered her ability to grow and focus on her passion: interior design.

“At first, I was afraid I wouldn't use all the features and that the software would be too complex but in the end I use everything, except for the parts related to collaborators since I am on my own for now. But OOTI is really suitable for any type of firm!” - Clara Ravello

OOTI Solution

OOTI emerged as the ideal solution. With its integrated project management, financial tracking, and client communication features, OOTI provided Clara with an all-in-one platform tailored to her specific needs. She particularly appreciated the ease of use of the tool and its intuitive interface.

“Without OOTI, it would have been totally different for me. Especially in the first year of my practice, to know my performance and tracking, OOTI allowed me to be serene about my year.” - Clara Ravello


What she uses the most is the dashboard because everything is on it at a glance, finances and planning. This allows for a global visibility. Clara noticed a significant improvement in the management of her agency.

Project Management

Planning and tracking of projects have become simpler and more efficient, allowing Clara to meet deadlines and satisfy her clients. Financial Health: The financial tracking feature allowed Clara to keep a constant eye on the financial health of her business, facilitating strategic decisions. Satisfaction Process: Billing her clients has improved, contributing to better profitability of her agency.

"OOTI has transformed the way I manage my business. It's not just a tool, it's a partner that helps me on a daily basis. I can focus on what I love the most, design, while having peace of mind that the more technical aspects of business management are under control." - Clara Ravello


The story of Clara Ravello is an eloquent testimony to how a tailored technological solution can transform a business. Thanks to OOTI, Clara not only overcame the challenges of managing an interior design agency, but she also thrived, demonstrating that the right tools can make a significant difference in entrepreneurial success.

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