An Interior design studio growing with OOTI

Sybille de Margerie
Founder and President
Sybille de Margerie

Since 2018, the interior architecture agency Sybille de Margerie has revolutionized how it successfully manages its projects, thanks to the use of OOTI management software. This collaboration has enabled the agency to push the boundaries of creativity and efficiency in the field of interior architecture.

Excellence in Interior Architecture

Founded in 2001 by the talented interior architect Sybille de Margerie, this agency has distinguished itself in the high-end world of interior design. Specializing in creating unique and refined spaces, the agency has worked on prestigious projects worldwide, including luxury hotels, private residences, and commercial spaces. Sybille de Margerie's approach is based on creating unique sensory and emotional experiences, combining aesthetics, functionality, and innovation.

The Challenge of Managing Complex Projects

With demanding clientele and large-scale projects, managing complex projects is essential for the agency. Before adopting OOTI, Sybille de Margerie and her team faced challenges such as coordinating numerous stakeholders, managing deadlines and budgets, and effectively communicating with clients.

OOTI : The Tailored Project Management Solution

In 2017, Sybille de Margerie decided to integrate OOTI, project management software designed specifically for creative agencies, into her workflow. This innovative solution streamlined and optimized every step of the projects, from initial design to final delivery. OOTI offers a centralized dashboard that allows the team to track the progress of each project in real-time. Task, resources, and budget management features enabled the agency to plan projects more efficiently and execute them within specified timelines.

Transparent Collaboration and Improved Communication

One of the major benefits of OOTI for Sybille de Margerie has been the improvement in communication with clients and partners. Document sharing and online commenting features have allowed the agency to collaborate seamlessly, integrating their feedback into the design process. Furthermore, OOTI facilitated coordination with suppliers and subcontractors, ensuring efficient supply chain management and reducing potential delays.

Impressive Results

Since adopting OOTI, Sybille de Margerie and her team have been able to deliver exceptional projects with increased efficiency. Deadlines are met, budgets are better controlled, and the quality of execution is even higher. Moreover, the agency has gained reputation and recognition for its remarkable achievements, attracting new international clients and partners.


The story of Sybille de Margerie and her interior architecture agency is an inspiring example of the positive impact that innovative technology like OOTI can have on the creative field. By using this customized project management software, the agency has been able to push the boundaries of creativity while maintaining effective project management. This successful collaboration demonstrates that the fusion of art and technology can lead to outstanding results.

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