A Technical Study Office growing with OOTI

David Escolier
Founder and President
David Escolier

EDETEC, a leading engineering firm specializing in technical studies embarked on a journey to enhance its operations in 2022. Facing the challenges of managing complex technical projects, EDETEC sought a comprehensive solution for efficient project management, collaboration, and data centralization.

Challenges faced by EDETEC

Prior to 2022, EDETEC encountered difficulties in coordinating project tasks, maintaining streamlined communication among team members, and centralizing critical project data. Recognizing the need for a robust solution, EDETEC aimed to elevate its operations to meet the evolving demands of the engineering sector.
Their team is working on complex projects including housing, tertiary building and tourism residences in the area of Chambéry, in France.
In September 2022, EDETEC implemented OOTI, a cutting-edge project management and collaboration platform tailored for engineering and architectural firms. OOTI provided EDETEC with a centralized hub for project data, streamlined communication channels, and powerful tools for efficient task management.

"My main goal was to be more efficient. I didn't have this overall vision, especially for the different divisions of the company, and that's what OOTI has given me." - David Escolier

Key benefits

  1. Centralized Project Data: OOTI's centralized repository became the backbone of EDETEC's project management. The founder, David Escolier really appreciates the various dashboards offered by the software, ensuring visibility on the whole agency (projects, team management, invoicing, finances).
  2. Efficient Collaboration: OOTI's collaborative features transformed the way EDETEC's teams worked together. Real-time collaboration tools facilitated seamless communication, ensuring that all team members were on the same page and could contribute to project success.
  3. Task Management: OOTI's task management capabilities allowed EDETEC to assign, track, and monitor project phases efficiently. This streamlined workflow ensured that project timelines were met with precision with every stakeholders.
  4. Data Security: OOTI's robust security features provided EDETEC with the confidence that sensitive project data is secure and accessible only to authorized personnel. The software offers them the possibility to manage access depending on the role of each team member.
"The various dashboards, which are synthetic, give an accurate view of the divisions and their progress." -David Escolier


Since the implementation of OOTI, EDETEC has witnessed a significant transformation in its project management approach. The centralized nature of OOTI has not only enhanced operational workflows but has also positioned EDETEC as an industry leader in leveraging technology for project success.
EDETEC's successful integration of OOTI into its daily operations showcases the transformative power of adopting innovative management solutions. As the engineering landscape continues to evolve, EDETEC remains at the forefront, demonstrating how a forward-thinking approach to technology can drive operational excellence in the field of technical studies and consulting.

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