5 keys to stand out on the web

Discover how to combine architecture and digital marketing to develop your agency and attract new clients.
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Architects: Master Digital Marketing to attract more projects!

It doesn't always seem natural: thearchitecture and digital marketing. Two worlds that everything opposes and yet, what a promising alliance!
Far beyond the digitization of your business, there online presence offers fabulous development opportunities for your activity as an architect or building engineer. But, the challenges of digital marketing in your field should not be underestimated. You will have to combine creativity and technicality to stand out from the competition.

Don't worry, OOTI accompanies you and helps you tame the secrets of Digital Marketing to win the heart of your future contractors.
So, ready to embark on this adventure digital ? Here are the 5 essential elements that guarantee a solid foundation for your marketing actions coming soon for your architectural firm.

1. Visual identity: a unique and impactful asset

What if we were talking aboutvisual identity for your architecture firm ? It is the very essence of your style, your signature! Finding your distinctive style and transposing it on the web is a crucial step in seducing your future customers. So how do you get there?

First, draw inspiration from your achievements and your passions to define your universe. Next, think about the key ingredients of a successful visual identity: a memorable logo, a harmonious color palette and well-chosen typographies.
Remember, consistency is essential to create a pleasant user experience and make an impression.

2. The website: A captivating tool to seduce your visitors

A captivating and fluid website is the ultimate tool to win over your visitors! How to create an effective website for your agency in the field of architecture? Here are the fundamentals to respect: intuitive navigation, neat design and well-structured content. Don't forget to adapt your site to mobile devices to provide an optimal experience for all your visitors.

As for your online portfolio, it's a must! It allows you to highlight your achievements and demonstrate your know-how. Choose the projects that best represent your style and feel free to add explanatory captions. A well-constructed portfolio is a valuable asset to seduce your future customers!

illustration gestion temps

3. Natural referencing (SEO): The art of being liked by search engines

Now is the time to talk about SEO (Search Engine Optimization), this mysterious art that allows you to be loved by visitors, but also by search engines. Technical, yes, but not insurmountable. So how do you tame this wild beast for your agency? Follow us, OOTI guides you!

First of all, the basics of SEO for architects are the same as for any domain: neat title tags and meta descriptions, clear URLs and well-structured texts. Don't forget to think "mobile-friendly" so that your site adapts to smartphones and to ensure that your website loads quickly.

Next, the keywords! These little treasures will allow you to attract the attention of search engines. Find those that correspond to your activity and subtly integrate them into your texts, without falling into over-optimization.

Finally, the importance of quality content cannot be underestimated. Offer your visitors interesting and relevant articles, which bring real added value. Search engines love unique and well-written content. So, to your keyboards and let the magic of SEO work!

4. Social networks: The ideal playground for architects

Social networks ! These fabulous playgrounds where architects can give free rein to their creativity. But be careful, it's about choosing the right platforms according to your target. Instagram and Pinterest are great for sharing your visual accomplishments, while LinkedIn will allow you to build professional connections.

To engage your audience, bet on attractive visual content: photos of your projects, presentation videos, explanatory sketches... Vary the formats and angles to capture attention and arouse emotion. Don't forget to interact with your subscribers and answer their questions to create a valuable connection with them. Come on, rock your networks and shine your business!

5. Content Marketing: A Way to Share Your Accomplishments and Expertise

Content marketing is your ally to share your achievements and your expertise! So why not create an architecture blog? The advantages are numerous: strengthening your credibility, attracting traffic to your site and retaining your readers.

To choose the most suitable content formats for architects, let your creativity run wild! In-depth articles on your projects, interviews with experts, tutorials, case studies... Vary the approaches to surprise and excite your readers. And don't forget to add quality images to illustrate your point. To your feathers, and may the inspiration be with you!

There you are, you are now equipped to shine in the digital world and promote your profession specialized in architecture! Through the digital marketing strategy, you will be able to express your talent, share your passion and expand your customer base.

Don't be afraid to explore new ideas and embark on this online adventure. The world of the web is a fantastic opportunity to push the limits of your creativity and give a new dimension to your business.

So, don't wait any longer, dive into this fascinating universe and write the next pages of your architectural history!

logo C3i et photo Olivier Paslawski ingénieur associé

Your digital marketing actions are bearing fruit. Awesome !Don't forget to manage your activity via OOTI to optimize your operation. Still not equipped? Contact us to test our solution.

I don't have time to read everything, can you give me a little summary?

  1. Visual identity, website, SEO, social networks and content marketing represent asolid foundation for your marketing actions digital.
  2. The world of the web is a fantastic opportunity to push the limits of your creativity.
  3. These essential elements will give a new dimension to your business!

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