How to Efficiently Manage Your Teams with an ERP

Team management in an architectural firm

How to Efficiently Manage Your Teams with ERP

Managing resources within an architecture agency is an ongoing challenge, further complicated by remote work. How can you effectively organize remote team work? What's the best way to optimize available resources? ERP software enables the automation of certain tasks, freeing up valuable management time for your projects.

Comprehensive Overview of Your Team

By encouraging your teams to create profiles on OOTI, you can find their detailed profiles - roles, permissions - under the "Agency Summary" tab. With just a few clicks, you can obtain a clear, detailed overview of your agency's schedule. Want to take it a step further and combine this information with resource-related details? The software allows you to associate upcoming leaves and expense notes with each staff member.

This substantial time-saving feature eliminates the need to juggle multiple software or spreadsheets for different data. Everything related to your team members is conveniently consolidated in one place, also accessible on the mobile app.

1 - Optimizing Project Schedules to Prevent Delays

The management software offers the capability to establish, modify, and lock a complete project schedule by phase. Why? To understand and control the progress of each step, ensuring alignment with the planned timeline, pre-empting potential delays, and accurately tracking billing. This empowers you to grasp project costs and manage budgets at every stage.

OOTI provides a 360° view of all ongoing and upcoming projects within the agency, providing insights for proactive planning and avoiding surprises. "Scheduling, Progress, Advancement, Invoicing... A 360° Agency View."

2 - Resource and Availability Planning for Cost Management

Let's focus on OOTI's new feature: resource and workload planning. With the saying "two heads are better than one" in mind, it's essential to easily assign tasks to your teams and track their progress. Compare planned, actual, and budgeted team times to optimally steer your projects. Beyond mere weekly time entry, this involves anticipating workloads. Is a team member overloaded? Reassign some tasks to other team members. A simplified way to monitor actions and ensure timely delivery, as exceeding deadlines often incurs penalties. "Planned Times, Actual Times, Budgeted Times to Optimize Your Projects."

Is ERP Software a Valuable Asset for Management and Teams?

OOTI is a true ally for engaging your teams in the agency's project success. Addressing the demands of stakeholders and the regulatory framework, our solution, tailored to architects' specific needs, enhances efficient management, aiming to save time and budgets. While OOTI doesn't possess a magic solution to vanquish challenges, our teams are dedicated to that objective - we promise! 🚀

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