Invoice suggestions and automatic reminders: invoicing according to OOTI

To make invoicing easier for architectural agencies, OOTI integrates a dedicated interface. Invoicing has never been that easy!

Automated Invoicing and Reminders

Billing with OOTI

In order to streamline the billing process for architecture agencies, OOTI now integrates a dedicated interface that links ongoing projects and provides automatic suggestions. This ensures clear and personalized tracking of this crucial project phase.
When it comes to billing, architects are often left alone with Excel spreadsheets that offer neither practicality, intuitiveness, nor security. While some solutions exist, few combine project progress with automated invoicing.

"The solutions currently available to architects are far from adapted to the reality of agency life. While some consumer-oriented solutions can improve internal tracking of invoice completion, they do not address the invoicing of fees for projects that are divided into multiple phases, as is often the case for architectural projects. Each stage may require a dedicated invoice, and financial management for an agency can quickly become a headache when multiple teams are working on several projects simultaneously."

Traceability and Data Protection

OOTI has developed this alternative based on its collaborative platform. Integrated into the project management process, the invoicing section offers a reliable solution to the lack of traceability and data protection that sharing an Excel document entails. "Agencies waste considerable time in managing their invoicing. Whether they work independently or as a company, searching for the right information, the right timing for sending invoices, or maintaining traceability can lead to errors detrimental to their business," says Paul. This is where the integration of invoicing management on OOTI's ERP becomes crucial. Now, the question echoing in all agencies across France, "So, where do we stand?" can be answered with just a few clicks. "This is OOTI's purpose. By providing an interface that allows agency collaborators to update the progress of each project, the solution aggregates all the necessary information for invoicing issuance and tracking," he adds. With the tab offering a general overview of the agency's invoicing, ongoing, upcoming, and past invoices can be easily viewed.

Emphasizing Collaboration

In practice, the operational teams represent the first link in the chain.
The project's management, progress, and schedule set the tempo for invoicing, which is then automatically suggested based on the provided data. With OOTI, uncertainties related to tracking disappear. "While OOTI suggests invoices based on project progress, it also manages invoicing sending, reminders, and follow-ups."
Several features allow creating an invoice that aligns with the agency's branding. "Of course, this includes the ability to adapt the invoice according to the agency's graphic charter, such as incorporating the logo. But more broadly, it is possible to use the same terminology and wording as the teams normally use," explains the startup collaborator.
Pro-forma or quote, fee notes, invoices, reminders of previously invoiced items, and more—based on the suggested invoice, all these parameters can be modified. This makes financial management on the platform seamless and fully adaptable to the agency's requirements. For more information on invoicing via OOTI and a comprehensive list of all features offered, visit the FAQ by following this link.

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