OOTI 2024 Unveiled: The Future Vision by the Product Owner

Explore OOTI's 2024 roadmap in an exclusive interview. Get insights into upcoming features and strategies to enhance user experience and stay ahead in the architectural software industry.

Welcome to this special interview with Anthony Nikolic, Product Owner, who will share with us OOTI's strategic vision for 2024.

OOTI, as an expert in the management of architectural firms and technical design offices, seeks to innovate and meet the changing needs of its users. Today, we will dive into the heart of the company's roadmap to discover the objectives, priorities, and exciting plans that will shape OOTI over this year.

First of all, hello Anthony! Can you introduce yourself and tell us about your role, your mission at OOTI?

Hello, I'm Anthony, the Product Owner at OOTI for two and a half years now.On a daily basis, I take care of collecting client needs or internal team feedback concerning the product.
First, I need to prioritize these needs before finding solutions to include in the documentation for developers. I oversee the internal development, meetings with the developers to supervise the progress. It is also necessary to update the KPIs (key performance indicators) depending on where we are in the sprint.
Once the solutions are implemented, I have to test them. If everything works, I communicate it to the rest of the OOTI team for deployment and communication to clients (through Customer Success and Marketing departments).

Great, thank you, Anthony. Are there specific areas OOTI plans to focus on this year, such as user experience, security, or performance?

Since my arrival, we have moved from the V3 to V4 of the OOTI software. The work was therefore concentrated on redesigning the product with many major changes and a real UX project. We worked with new technology that better suits our needs. We also had to develop an entirely new mobile app in 2023, more in line with the desktop version and more enjoyable for the user experience.
This year, the focus will be on the stability of the platform and its performance with the integration of occasional improvements throughout the year.

Can you tell us about the improvements users can expect from OOTI this year?

Well well.. we have a well-defined and very full roadmap for this year 2024, it is set at the beginning of the year but may evolve. Shall I explain how it works?I feed the roadmap from 3 sides:
  • the most requested customer feedback
  • feedback from the OOTI team because we also use the software internally :)
  • studying the architecture market and analyzing the competitionThis trio allows us to innovate and feed the roadmap each year.
This year our quarterly roadmap is planned to unveil new features more regularly, we will operate in an agile mode, it will be about smaller but more frequent innovations.Regarding major improvements… by reading this article you have some information in advance! Indeed, we plan to work on big epics like cash flow management, customizable reports as well as integrations with other applications like Google Calendar which are highly requested.

How does OOTI plan to stay competitive in the market in 2024?

In the product department, we are constantly monitoring the competition as well as the developments and needs of the architecture and construction market. With a software 100% built for the sector, each feature meets a very specific daily need: project management with workload schedules, adapted cost and expense distribution, work in phase with the MOP (France) and RIBA (International) models, pole management for BET, FF&E for interior architects, and notions of co-contracting and subcontracting. We develop features that are truly specific to the profession, it's unique!We even have an indexing tool during price revisions that provides market price indices for users to base on!

Understanding the daily needs of users and responding precisely to them makes us competitive but it is necessary to stay that way. For this, we will continue to innovate in 2024 based on the best and latest technologies (integration of AI). We will also ensure, as we have always done, to be up to date, or even ahead in terms of standards and compliance. I am thinking in particular of legal compliance obligations regarding electronic invoicing.

What are the potential challenges you anticipate in achieving the roadmap for 2024, and how do you plan to overcome them?

We will face challenges in the development of major features like cash flow management. The challenge will also be to deliver smaller features regularly in parallel with work on major features.
There will also be technical challenges since we want to implement AI (artificial intelligence) - It's a fairly recent tech and we want to upskill the teams in this area.

Does OOTI plan to develop new integrations in 2024 to achieve its goals?

To date, we already have integrations with Sage and Quickbooks. For 2024, we have planned integrations because they are highly requested by our users such as Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook…

How are user comments taken into account in the planning process of OOTI's roadmap for this year? (round tables, priority, direct link with Customer Success team)

Round tables are regularly organized on major ongoing topics and major changes are planned.Otherwise, users have access to a request form for ideas/opinions that goes up to the Customer Success team.Then the ideas are sorted and prioritized, those that come up most frequently are integrated into the roadmap.

To conclude, how does OOTI intend to measure the success of implementing its roadmap in 2024?

For internal monitoring, we have daily stand-ups with the product team and I have a monthly roadmap meeting with the managers of the other departments to keep them informed of the development progress. To know if it is a success, I regularly monitor our KPIs. In 2024 we plan to move to an even more detailed data analysis with a tracking system to see how much the new feature is used.
Success is also measured with feedback from clients who suggested the idea. More broadly, a user also has the possibility to rate OOTI between 0-10 via the NPS (net promoter score) available on their interface.


A big thank you to Anthony for sharing with us this exciting vision for the future of OOTI in 2024. The ideas and commitment of the team towards excellence testify to OOTI's determination to stay at the forefront of innovation and provide an exceptional experience for its users.

We look forward to seeing all these projects materialize over the coming year. Stay connected for more exciting information and to closely follow OOTI's developments in 2024*.
*This article is written for information purposes, it is subject to evolve and does not commit the OOTI team on the release of features and improvements of the software

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