ERP Architecture: the essential tool for managing your agency

Architects, technical design offices or landscape architects, discover the advantages of this tool which simplifies business management.
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ERP Architecture: the essential tool for managing your agency

Do you know what a ERP ? An “establishment open to the public”? Not false, but not only! Behind these three letters hides a treasure too little known to architects, a software all-in-one that allows you to group together in a single tool all facets of your agency : Management business proposals, steering projects, team management, orientation financial

In short, at a glance, you have everything at hand to simplify your daily life. How to lighten your administrative tasks ? How to earn time in your schedules ? We reveal to you why adopting a ERP architecture is the only good resolution to take this year!

What is an ERP Architecture?

ERP is an English acronym that stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. It is also called PGI for Integrated Management Software. The objective of this tool is to make your life easier in managing your activities. This all-in-one software brings together all of your company's data and thus allows you to have a global vision to simplify decision-making.

The sector is growing. According a study by Market Research Future, the ERP market in the world will continue to grow with an annual growth rate of more than 4 %. SMEs believe they have a too many applications in their information system and question the security of their data. ERP responds to these issues by offering a all-in-one solution.

ERP architecture has the particularity, as its name quite rightly suggests, of being specialized in the field of… architecture. He proposes industry-specific features by covering the most common uses of the activity of architectural firms and design offices. In reducing administrative procedures, the benefit is immediate: it allows you to focus on your core business and the tasks with the highest added value.

How does an ERP architecture work?

In ERP architecture software, you will find several modules that allow you to manage your agency or your design office:

  • The business management : creation of your commercial proposals, follow-up of your calls for tenders, works contracts and your applications for competitions.
  • the management of your projects : follow-up of all the phases of your projects, vision of the schedule and progress, whether you are an architect or an engineer.
  • the team management : resource planning and management and availability of your agency, monitoring of work in real time with the entry of hours and holidays.
  • The financial management : monitoring of the costs of each project, simplification of invoicing and publication of complete and detailed analyzes of your turnover.The presentation of these modules is different from one ERP architecture to another. The objective is to be able to offer fluid and intuitive navigation to make the software accessible to everyone.

Why adopt an ERP software in Architecture?

The ERP architecture is a real toolbox with a neat interface to make it easier for all employees to get started. Why succumb to its charm? For 4 reasons.

To save time

Thanks to the automation of processes and accessibility to all employees, you make exchanges more fluid and accelerate the flow of information. This time saving is a real asset for you to concentrate on the progress of your clients' projects.

👀 To improve the visibility of your activity

The centralization of all the data in a single tool makes it possible to see it at a glance. Fast, efficient. No need to go to 6 different software and cross-reference the data.

💰 To optimize the profitability of your business

Your finances are at your fingertips. With just a few clicks, you can trigger invoicing, control your budget and edit comprehensive reports. You can thus control your profitability and identify areas for improvement.

👥 To increase efficiency by involving teams

When the ERP architecture is open to everyone, it increases the efficiency of the operation of your agency or your design office by allowing everyone to provide information on the progress of each phase of the project. A delay ? A sticking point? Everything is monitored!

You know everything about ERP architecture. The centralization of your company's data brings you a comfort of piloting, which you will not be able to do without. This is an ideal solution to devote yourself fully to your clients' projects.

So convinced by the advantages of an ERP architecture? Ready to optimize the management of your agency? Architects, interior designers, technical design offices, town planners or landscape architects try OOTI for free to discover its many features.

I don't have time to read everything, can you give me a little summary?

  1. An architectural ERP is a all-in-one software for management your architectural agency or your design office
  2. It simplifies your administrative management so you can focus on your core business
  3. It allows to drive business management, your projects, your crew and your finance
  4. Assets : save time, increase visibility, optimize profitability and efficiency by involving the teams.

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