Architecture software: the 6 must-haves in the sector

Looking for the best software for your architectural activity? Discover the top 6 essential programs for your business.
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Architecture software: the 6 must-haves in the sector

You are architect. You are responsible for the creation of functional and innovative buildings and works. To express your talent and succeed in your missions, your expertise requires digital toolbox pragmatic. What are we talking about? Of the programs that make your daily work easier. But, with a hundred offers on the market, it quickly becomes complicated. OOTI comes to your rescue. We have selected the 6 essential software for architects, chosen for their efficiency, ease of use, reliability and usefulness. Discover how to transform the way you work and improve your results in terms of architectural design.

1 – 3D modeling software

This tool is essential in your activity as an architect. Versatile, it allows you to visualize ideas and concepts in digital form, which greatly facilitates the design process. These creations of 3-dimensional models range from development to manufacturing, including simulation and analysis. The main advantage is to realize complex projects in a very realistic way. It's a very good way to share with your customers the result of your proposals, in a simple and visual way.

💡 Our choice: AutoCAD

This computer-aided design (or CAD) software is the bestseller in its field. Powerful and versatile, it offers a wide variety of drawing and modeling tools.

2 – BIM or Building Information Modeling software

Unlike 3D modeling software, Building Information Modeling software goes further by integrating more complete information on building components (walls, windows, materials, costs, equipment, etc.). This information can be associated with each component and modified in real time. Improved collaboration and coordination, design optimization, better planning and project management: the benefits are many!

💡 Our choice : Revit

Revit simplifies the coordination between the various stakeholders of a construction project thanks to an interface facilitating collaboration. The interoperability it allows with AutoCAD ensures easy integration into your work habits.

3 - A visualization software

Here is an essential complement to the first 2. This computer program allows you to create, in high quality, realistic 3D images or animations of buildings, landscapes or urban environments. Several parameters, such as light, are available to ensure rendering as close as possible to reality.

💡 Our choice : Lumion

This software offers great flexibility in terms of modeling and customization. Advanced rendering tools create very high quality images. Virtual tours or interactive presentations, the options allow customers and partners a more than realistic dive into the project. It is also AutoCAD and Revit compatible.

4 - A creation software

To perfect the follow-up of your project and facilitate its distribution, we invite you to equip yourself with the following Adobe Creative Cloud. A true creative Swiss army knife, its many software programs allow you to create or modify plans or images, to communicate effectively with your customers, your project partners or the local authorities.

💡 Our choice:  La Suite Adobe

  • Adobe Photoshop: to retouch and improve images of 3D buildings (color, brightness, sharpness) while adding visual effects;
  • Adobe Illustrator: to create vector plans and drawings (from scratch or by importing files from your CAD), by modifying shapes, creating symbols and adding annotations to make plans easier to understand;
  • Adobe InDesign: to develop presentations, brochures, catalogs, professional reports, by adding images, graphs or tables, and thus highlight your architectural project;
  • Adobe Acrobat: to manage PDF files (create, modify, share) for plans and construction documents, allowing real-time collaboration with other team members;
  • Adobe Premiere Pro: to produce video presentations of projects, editing and exporting videos to show 3D renders, design plans and virtual tours of projects.

5 - A project management software

The construction sector drains a large number of trades that it is not always easy to coordinate. Digital provides solutions by offering applications that centralize the data of each site or project. They facilitate exchanges between the different actors to increase efficiency.  

Their flexibility allows remote and real-time use, which is particularly useful for large-scale programs. Better coordination, more efficient planning and reduction of costs and delays: this is the winning combo of project management software.

💡 Our choice : Clovis

This practical French application improves the coordination of all the actors involved in a construction project. This is the real-time on-board site available on smartphones and computers. The exchanges are done live in the application to time saving estimated by Clovis at 1 half-day per week per user. A must have to make life easier.

6 – A management software dedicated to architects

Finally, to improve the efficiency and productivity of your business, there's nothing like making your administrative tasks easier. To do this, opt for a management software or ERP software (Enterprise Resource Planning). In a single tool, you will find the management of your projects, resources, finances (costs, invoicing, analyses), time as well as the management of your commercial opportunities. Something to simplify your organization!

💡 Our choice : OOTI

We are certain that our solution is the best on the market, as it has been designed and developed specifically for architects and technical design offices. Functional and intuitive!
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