Co-Contracting and Fee Revisions

New Features Dedicated to Architecture

Co-Contracting and fee revisions on OOTI!

New Features Dedicated to Architecture

Thanks to the valuable feedback from our partners, you can now manage co-contracting, subcontracting, and fee revisions directly on OOTI!

Co-Contracting and lead partner

Manage your co-contracting projects on OOTI.
Add them to each phase and generate your fees with co-contractors.
Generate invoices with a breakdown of co-contractors' and subcontractors' fees. Activate, manage, and track the lead partner's share in your projects.

Subcontracting management

Plan your subcontractors' costs on a monthly basis and automatically generate the schedule based on the associated phases.
Include subcontractors' costs in your fees, distribute them by phases, and deduct them from your budget.
Manage the invoicing of your subcontractors with direct payments and download the necessary certificates.

Fee revisions

Create fee revisions for public contracts directly from OOTI. Whether manually or by selecting the corresponding ING index directly, easily manage and track price revisions for your projects. When updating the next index, the revision will be automatically calculated. Then, include it in your next invoice.

To learn more about using the new features, check out our tutorials and FAQ here:
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