Project management at your fingertips with site monitoring applications

Archisnapper, BulldozAIR, Clovis and Archireport: an overview of four leading construction site monitoring applications.

The 4 Construction Site Tracking Applications that Modernize the Sector

They are called Archisnapper, BulldozAIR, Clovis, and Archireport. Despite being relatively young, these applications for construction site tracking are already gaining popularity in the construction and architecture sectors due to their simplified project management capabilities. Let's take a closer look at these four prominent players.

A Common Observation about the Complexity of Worksite Monitoring

Regardless of their size, construction projects require extremely well-managed coordination of all operations. The site manager's goal is to ensure the smooth progress of work by meticulously monitoring each stage. This key position allows for precise control of the construction process and timely delivery of the project as scheduled.

Monitoring construction sites demands such coordination that the industry sought Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions to enhance efficiency throughout the various stages of a construction project. Thus, construction site tracking software was born – intuitive and innovative tools that permanently simplify the lives of their users.

A new step towards the digitization of the industry.

Amid ongoing changes, the construction industry is gradually embracing various digital tools, enabling each player to remain competitive and increase performance. Instead of burdening processes, software solutions like ERPs and construction site tracking apps promise significant time savings on high-value tasks, automating and streamlining operational coordination.

This acceleration has been particularly evident during the past year, with the COVID-19 crisis highlighting the necessity of real-time data access from anywhere, emphasizing the benefits of digitalizing work processes from planning to project completion.

1 - Clovis: the Slack of Construction

For Charles Guilhem, co-founder, and CEO of Clovis, the observation was straightforward: "We spent a lot of time on construction sites and realized that there was no simple tool dedicated to streamlining communication between different stakeholders, both internally and externally," he explains. With sleeves rolled up, he co-founded Clovis in 2018 with three partners. Their promise was to become a facilitator in the construction domain through an intuitive and user-friendly communication app.

Clovis embodies this new way of exchanging information by implementing project-specific discussion channels. "It's a real-time construction site accessible on all devices (smartphones, tablets, computers). There is a genuine traceability of exchanges and data," says Charles Guilhem. The app's effectiveness is evident throughout the value chain: it allows project teams, clients, economists, and subcontractors to participate in delivering or approving quotes and contracts.

2- ArchiSnapper: Simplicity in your Pocket

ArchiSnapper shares a similar goal, as Leila Van der Haeghen, in charge of business development, explains. The app, created in 2012, aims to simplify construction site report writing through a smooth workflow and collaborative, controlled data collection.

Real-time data access, time savings, and optimized exchanges: these new technologies respond to growing needs within construction projects, offering new opportunities in work and collaboration methods. Leila Van der Haeghen observed a digital shift starting around 2016, with increasing involvement of construction industry actors in this process. "To keep up with the pace, you have to take the plunge: it doesn't happen overnight, but we can see a more significant movement in recent years," she attests.

ArchiSnapper places the needs of its users at the heart of its objectives. "It is necessary to listen to and follow them. It's a key to success: evolving with market trends while remaining simple and user-friendly. Offering a smooth user experience is crucial," concludes Leila Van der Haeghen.

3- BulldozAIR: A Versatile Salesforce

BulldozAIR is upfront about its ambitions: the start-up, founded by Ali El Hariri and Maxence Lérigner in 2013, raised 4 million euros and offers a SaaS collaborative management tool, counting major corporations among its clients. The software's particularity lies in its adaptability to various types of construction projects, such as healthcare, by considering the industry's regulatory and health constraints, or in the transportation sector, with easy access during night work.

"Today, everyone has a smartphone on construction sites (…) This facilitates the adoption of SaaS solutions by these companies," summarizes Ali El Hariri (source: Les Echos).

4- Archireport: A Project Facilitator

To coordinate all the operations related to a project, software solutions offer comprehensive functionality to both architecture firms and construction companies. Archireport focuses on collaborative tools: shared task lists, illustrated remarks organized by batches, and project managers can easily format their construction site reports using drawing, location on plans, and control point lists with attributions to the stakeholders.

Founded in 2011 by web development and engineering experts, Archireport is primarily designed for architects and project managers. Additionally, the application offers a solution, Archireport Cloud, to synchronize all project-related data. The stated promise? Save an average of 60 minutes per report.

Applications Adapted to Different Profiles in the Industry: Our Selection

Independent architects can improve and structure their reports, while large firms can rely on these software solutions to standardize their organization: all profiles in project, work, or team management can benefit from these tools by continuously adapting them to their needs.

By covering all stages of a construction project, construction site tracking applications ensure they can meet all requirements by continuously evolving their features. A range of new smart and intuitive solutions, with which ERPs like OOTI have decided to partner, to significantly save time on high-value tasks... the essence of their business!

We interviewed ArchiSnapper and Clovis, and here are their added values:

ArchiSnapper :

✔️ Assistance during site visits: location on plans, sketches, photographs

✔️ Construction site tracking reports: evolving report templates according to the project's progress

✔️ Collaboration tool: remarks and observations, tasks assigned and filtered by project

✔️ Gantt planning: planning templates according to project typologies

✔️ Export and import: easily shareable data, exportable statistics for trend analysis

Clovis :

✔️ Accessibility and centralized data in real-time, within a single tool, to manage projects from the study phase to delivery

✔️ Task generation and annotation: 2D/3D plans to create interaction, generate automated reports, and generate schedules

✔️ Instant exchange: Slack-like discussion channels per project (sharing comments, photos, plans)

✔️ Electronic signature: for quotes, purchase orders, plan approvals

✔️ Translation in all languages.

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