Understand the contexts and challenges of the architectural profession

Key figures regarding the sector and from every angle: demographic, economic and sociological.
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Understand the contexts and challenges of the architectural profession

Like every two years, the National Council of the Order of architects publishes the essential collection to understand the challenges of the architectural profession: the Archigraphy 2022. In these 150 pages, the layout of which has been revised and the understanding of the data simplified by the addition of layers, the observatory dissects the sector from every angle: demographic, economic and sociological.

The evolution of occupation, the integration of young graduates, the transformation of the labor construction and some renovation : them figures are screened to give keys to reading. We've read it and here's what to take away.

A dynamic but tense job

Since 2017, the number of graduates has continued to decline, held back by the number of open positions. Despite everything, the Order has recorded an increase in registrations since 2019, with now nearly 30,000 architects.
A record for more than 10 years!

One of the positive points to note is the advancement of women in the profession. They represent one in three architects in 2021.
This feminization started from afar: they were only 16.6 % in 2000! And the trend is confirmed with new registrants, since half are women.

A significant risk of a shortage of architects

The report raises concerns about the tension of the job in certain regions French geography. Unsurprisingly, a third of architects are located in Île-de-France. Then, the distribution focuses on the most dynamic sectors: large cities, active urban sectors and the Atlantic and Mediterranean coast.

What about the rest of France? The famous diagonal of the void is strongly affected by a glaring lack of professionals. 13 architects in Haute-Marne. 15 in the Creuse. The numbers speak for themselves. To top it off, the aging of the population of architects, in connection with that of the French population, complicates the equation. How to organize to properly support projects when more than half (60 %) of Creuse architects are over 55 years old?

This highlights the need to welcome new architects to these rural regions (mainly in eastern and central France) in order to maintain a presence in the profession in the future. As a reminder, the number of architects per 100,000 inhabitants in France is 60% lower than the European average.

The renovation market of the future

And the future in all this? It seems that maintenance-improvement (renovations and extensions) is a strong trend. About 2 out of 3 projects led by architects concern this area. 87 % of them are already present on this market, motivated by ecological reasons (new building materials more virtuous, energy sobriety, etc.) and by protecting heritage. Many also wish develop these rehabilitation missions. It should be noted that this market is less subject to economic conditions, as is the new home market.

But this finding has a darker side. Because if, in volume, the renovation works declared by the architects are superior to those of the new, this is not the case with regard to their value. A lower value due to lower profitability of operations (complexity of sites, time allocated to projects, etc.). In addition, the places are most often occupied during the work, which adds additional constraints. When we talk about value, behind the issues of the profitability of an architectural firm ! It is the sinews of war.

Archigraphie 2022, the tool that deciphers the profession of architect

As you have understood, Achigraphy is a mine of information to fully understand the profession. We have provided you with the outline of the document here.

We invite you to consult their full version on their website, to enrich your vision of the profession.

And if you take advantage of these new challenges to optimize the management of your projects ?
Contact us so that we present you our tailor-made solution !

I don't have time to read everything, can you give me a little summary?

  1. A record number of architects registered with the Order: approximately 30,000
  2. A steady decline since 2017 in the number of HMNOP graduates
  3. The feminization of the profession on the right track
  4. The fear of a shortage of the profession in certain regions (East, Center)
  5. An aging of the population of architects which accelerates these territorial differences
  6. Building renovation, a growing and more stable market in the new home market

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