Ordre des architectes 2024 | The year's projects

Explore the future of architecture in 2024 with a vision for sustainable, inclusive design and technological integration, focusing on ecological transitions and innovation.

At the beginning of the year, Christine Leconte, president of the Order of Architects, presented her roadmap for 2024. And it is fair to say it is loaded! As environmental challenges intensify, architecture must be more than ever at the heart of public policies to meet the challenges of ecological transition. OOTI looks back at the highlights of this speech.

The 2023 Review

First, Christine Leconte gave an initial review of the past year. In 2023, the Order of Architects intensified its efforts to reposition architecture and the profession of architect at the heart of public policies for the benefit of residents. Two key components of the French Energy Climate Strategy, focusing on renovation and planning, were actively promoted.

A major advancement was the launch of the first Parity Trophies, rewarding pioneering agencies in terms of gender equality and fighting discrimination in the sector. This flagship initiative underscores the Order's commitment to fostering equitable professional careers.

The Order also significantly strengthened its involvement in the public aid scheme "MaPrimeRénov". Nearly 5,000 agencies are now listed on the Anah website, actively contributing to the energy renovation of individual homes. These achievements lay the groundwork for a sustainable and inclusive architecture for 2024.

Priorities and Projects for 2024: Ecological Transition and the ZAN Objective

In 2024, one of the main priorities will be the implementation of ZAN (Zero Net Artificialization). Architecture and urban planning play a crucial role in achieving this land sobriety goal. The Order of Architects will work to support local elected officials and ensure the quality of tender calls related to soft densification projects, rehabilitation of wastelands, superstructures, and other innovative solutions. The "1 mayor, 1 architect" scheme will allow universal access to architectural advice, essential for combining density with quality of life.

Energy Renovation

Another significant issue: the energy renovation of buildings will accelerate considerably this year. The Order strongly encourages architects to obtain the "Mon Accompagnateur Rénov'" approval from Anah to become key players in this transition. A standard contract has been made available to facilitate everyone's involvement.

Specific training courses like DynaMoe Copro will enable professionals to specialize in the audit and renovation of co-ownerships. The challenge is considerable: to meet growing needs while ensuring support.

Promoting Equality and Diversity in Architecture

As mentioned earlier, 2023 marked a decisive turning point with the launch of the first Parity Trophies by the Order of Architects. In 2024, the Order will continue its efforts, in collaboration with professional unions such as Unsfa and the Architecture Union. New actions are planned to promote equity in careers and encourage a more diverse representation within the profession. The goal is clear: to make architecture an inclusive environment open to all talents.

Proximity Dialogue to Address Territorial Challenges

In 2024, strengthening dialogue with regional councils and local stakeholders will be at the heart of the strategy. Aware that each territory faces specific challenges, the Order will launch a major territorial action focused on local ecological planning in September.

This initiative aims to reveal architectural solutions adapted to regional realities, whether it's coastal erosion, flooding, or the future of ski resorts. By establishing a close link with elected officials and valuing local expertise, the Order of Architects intends to play a key role in supporting the ecological transition as closely as possible to each territory's concerns.

The Challenges of Digitalization

At the heart of the transformations that will shape tomorrow's architecture, artificial intelligence (AI) will occupy a central place in 2024. Aware of the upcoming upheavals, the Order will focus this year on the impacts of AI, which will profoundly change architectural production modes and the daily management of agencies.

Far from seeing it as a threat, the Order of Architects invites architects to seize the opportunities offered by these disruptive technologies. Without a doubt, AI can stimulate creativity and unlock unprecedented innovation potential. But beyond that, it also represents a lever for performance and process optimization.

By exploring these new digital horizons, the Order reaffirms its desire to equip professionals to meet the challenges of ecological transition and better meet citizens' expectations. The architecture of 2024 will undoubtedly be written at the crossroads of traditional knowledge and artificial intelligence.

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