dTwin | The Nemetschek digital twin revolution

As Nemetschek, one of the leaders in architecture and construction software, celebrates its 50th anniversary, it unveils its new dTwin solution!

The German company Nemetschek, founded by Georg Nemetschek, is a major player in the world of architecture and construction software. Originally a specialist engineering firm in the construction industry, Nemetschek has evolved by developing its own computer solutions.
Celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2023, the company stands as a leader in the AEC (Architecture, Engineering, and Construction) software market, competing with giants such as Autodesk, Bentley Systems, and Trimble.

At the end of October, Nemetschek announced the launch of dTwin, a digital twin solution. Let's delve into the company and this innovative solution!

dTwin | Construction Data Centralization

With dTwin, its SaaS platform for digital twins, Nemetschek aims to revolutionize the construction sector by merging all building data into a single comprehensive view. dTwin seeks to address issues arising from the lack of data organization throughout the construction stages, aiming to reduce errors and poor decisions that can impact building efficiency and increase operating costs.

dTwin centralizes information from various sources, including CAD/BIM, workplace integrated management systems (IWMS), and real-time construction operation flows. The integration of this data into dTwin distinguishes it from other solutions on the market, offering a comprehensive approach to Building Lifecycle Intelligence™ focused on open data.

What is a digital twin?

It's a digital replica of a physical asset, continuously fueled by real-time information, enabling precise visualizations, analyses, simulations, and optimizations. With dTwin, professionals can effectively track, filter, and query all relevant information to make customized decisions. Real-time dashboards provide operational insights and comprehensive reports, supporting the work of all stakeholders (architects, engineers, builders, etc.).

Dr. Jimmy Abualdenien, Head of Digital Twin Product at Nemetschek Group, confirms: "dTwin intelligently structures and correctly links information between systems throughout the entire lifecycle of a building. The advantage lies in having a streamlined flow of harmonized information from various data sources."

This innovation marks a significant step in the digitization of the construction sector, an area where Nemetschek continues to expand its influence and reach. With a digitization penetration rate in the construction sector still below 40%, Nemetschek has a broad scope to solidify its leadership position and continue innovating.

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