The National Architecture Days (JNA)

Zoom and guided tour of the National Architecture Days (JNA) with Julien Vincent, architect and elected to the National Council of the Order of Architects.
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Architecture in the spotlight everywhere in France

Zoom and guided tour of National Architecture Days (JNA) with Julian Vincent, architect and Elected to the National Council of the Order of Architects.

Insiderated by the Ministry of Culture in 2016, the JNA return in October for the 7e edition, placed under the theme “Architectures to live in”. An event that will highlight the importance of the role of architects, who contribute to the qualitylife and participate in reddefinition of tomorrow's world.

We went to meet Julien Vincent who told us that “For architects, there are 2 ways of living the JNA and of participating in it”.

“For architects, there are two ways of living the JNA and participating in it”

1. Organize an event, whatever its size, or simply welcome the public by opening the doors of their agencies.

2. Going to meet other architects, prime contractors or building owners, on site for example, to share ideas and experiences.

“These national architecture days promote the creation of human ties around events that are cultural, fun and convivial. » emphasizes Julien Vincent.

Cultural, fun and friendly events

These 7th National Architecture Days will be based on a wide variety of events in order to concern everyone: 1,200 distributed throughout the territory ! 👀

The public will also have theopportunityto discover the 97 labeled projects as part of the call for expressions of interest “Committed to the quality of housing of tomorrow”, initiated by the Ministries of Culture and Housing.

What to visit during the National Architecture Days 2022?

Unusual and historical places, projects of the future, workshops and meetings..., among these 1,200 events, here is Julien Vincent's selection:

  • Site visits
  • Model exhibitions, a great educational and dialogue tool
  • Visit of the Le Lioran ice rink in Cantal
  • Visit of Charles-De-Gaulles airport in Roissy, in particular behind the scenes of Terminal 2B
  • Film festivals (in Paris and Bordeaux in particular)
  • Role play game
  • Young audience workshops
  • Gigs
  • Urban walks
  • Visits to shared gardens

An architecture at the service of well-being and emotion

Like every year, the National Council of the Order of Architects (CNOA) mobilizes alongside architects to allow all audiences to discover the profession of architect and the built environment in a different way. Architects gather to celebrate architecture and will meet the public to show their know-how and share their experiences. These JNA federate the initiatives which contribute to the Ddiscovery of architecture and its professions by the greatest number, and illustrate the presence of architecture in all territories, whethertheybe it big projects or day-to-day constructions.

💡 Professionals and the general public agree on one point: the cultural and creative dimension of architecture is essential.

The 2022 edition will explore the "Architectures to live in", a broad theme allowing to discover inhabited places, from the housing itself to the neighborhood which surrounds it, to detect the qualities and appreciate the cultural and creative dimension of architecture. Participants will discover how architects design spaces conducive to well-being thanks to new construction techniques, using healthier and more resource-efficient materials.

These meetings on the JNA will confirm that architecture reflects our lifestyles, directly linked to our emotions, for design and create quality living spaces, in which we feel good.

The response of architects to ecological challenges

When our companiessummers are subject to multiple challenges (energy, climate, health, social, etc.), the lifestyles and the ways of living must be reinventeds. Et architects are on the front line when it comes to designing the world of tomorrow.

How can these issues be reconciled with existing and future buildings, taking into account technical, urban, regulatory and usage constraints?

The JNA will allow you to develop your knowledge and to measure and understand the complexity and the requirements that the architects of today and tomorrow face.

" Architecture is at the heart of the ecological transition », emphasizes Julien Vincent.

" The profession has taken the measure of the challenges and is an agent of change (*). Architects are very involved in this subject, especially in renovations. On the occasion of the JNA, discussions will also be numerous on the new environmental regulations for new buildings (RE2020). We can combine ecology and construction by training in biosourced materials, smart for the planet, and also thanks to the reuse of resources. »

(*) According to a survey commissioned by the Order of Architects in 2020, climate change is the number one challenge for the future for 8 out of 10 French architects.

I don't have time to read everything, can you give me a little summary?

  1. The JNA allow all audiences to discover the profession of architect.
  2. The architects celebrate their domain and go meet the public to show off their skills.
  3. Between architects, these meetings allow the sharing of ideas and experience.
  4. Today's architecture is at the service of well-being and emotion, in particular through the use of biosourced materials, and through reuse.
  5. JNAs make it possible to measure and understand the complexity of the challenges facing architects.

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