Digital revolution in the construction industry | Focus on rising stars

Construction start-ups to watch in 2024! Discover innovations in site planning and monitoring to boost productivity.

321: that's the number of start-ups listed by Impulse Partners. The architecture and construction sector has been undergoing a veritable digital revolution in recent years. Faced with the eternal ills of construction - delays and budget overruns - a new generation of French start-ups intends to shake up traditional processes with software innovations. The aim: to boost worksite productivity and business performance with modern, collaborative and intuitive solutions. Say goodbye to time-consuming Excel spreadsheets, and hello to ultra-efficient online platforms! These start-ups promise nothing less than speed gains of up to 30%, in addition to substantial cost savings. OOTI takes a look at these rising stars, who could well revolutionize architects' daily lives!

Revolutionize your worksites with Lean management

Faced with the many delays and cost overruns encountered in the construction industry, a number of young French companies have developed promising software solutions for architects and building professionals to optimize worksite planning.

This is the case of Nantes-based LeanCo, founded in 2017 by Xavier Motsch. Its software is based on the Lean Construction method, an approach inspired by Lean Manufacturing aimed at eliminating all non-value-added tasks. In concrete terms, the tool enables the creation of clear, ergonomic schedules, based on the Lean Construction method. In concrete terms, the tool creates clear, ergonomic schedules based on two indicators: time margin (equivalent to a gas gauge) and weekly success rate (execution speed).

Already adopted by majors such as Bouygues and Vinci on over 300 sites, this easy-to-use software makes planning more efficient. The result, according to LeanCo, is an average 30% reduction in lead times and 40% extra margin. Enough to win over project managers concerned about budget overruns!

Another example is ShareMat, which develops platforms for digitizing and optimizing equipment fleet management. In particular, the tool makes it possible to geolocate equipment and view its consumption in real time, as well as accessing its technical brochure or periodic general inspection.

The start-up is collaborating with Kiloutou for a notable benefit: synchronizing rental contracts directly in the tool. "Major accounts are more interested in having their own in-house platform. On the other hand, we have customers who have neither the means nor the will, and who are interested in a platform like ShareMat", observes Claire Poinsignon, head of strategy at the rental giant.

In fact, it's not just the majors who are using these innovations. "We can see that the notion of testing and feedback is increasingly present. Solutions are no longer just being deployed by major groups. ETIs, SMEs and craftsmen are now seizing them," notes Stéphanie Bigeon-Bienvenu, partner in the construction division at Impulse Partners.

Innovative platforms | A collective future

Another major challenge is the need for centralization and interoperability between software programs to cope with the multitude of digital tools available. This is the niche targeted by a number of French start-ups. The aim is to develop federating platforms that connect different business software. These innovative solutions aim to facilitate the exchange of information and data flows between the various parties involved in a construction project, from the sales phase through to final delivery.

This is the case with Krafteo, launched in early 2024 by Elcia, a publisher of solutions for joinery, with its partners Revel'Home and Eldo. The idea? To enable professionals to optimize their business processes by connecting different software programs (quotations, site planning, order management, etc.). In concrete terms, Krafteo connects the market's leading solutions to offer a global vision in real time - just what tradesmen need.

Start-up Hiboo takes a similar approach, aiming to reduce the carbon footprint of the construction sector. Its SaaS platform collects and analyzes site machinery usage data to identify potential for improvement. Hiboo promises savings of up to 20% by optimizing consumption. A valuable asset for project owners subject to new non-financial reporting obligations.

Another example is EnvErgo, a public initiative designed to simplify compliance with environmental regulations. Via an online simulator, this decision-making aid makes the complex regulatory framework more accessible, to avoid unpleasant surprises and extra costs. A reassuring solution for small agencies unfamiliar with environmental law.

Whether it's a question of performance or regulatory compliance, these platforms are well worth a look for architects or design offices looking for pragmatic tools to support their creativity!

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