The 14 key awards for French architecture

Discover the 14 most prestigious architectural awards in France. From the Équerre d'Argent to the Prix de l'urbanisme.

Every year in France, excellence and innovation in the field of architecture take center stage through numerous distinctions. Whether it's recognizing an achievement, an innovative approach, or an entire career, these awards contribute to the prominence of French architecture and the recognition of the professionals who bring it to life. OOTI invites you to discover or rediscover 14 French awards and distinctions.

  1. The 10 + 1 Architecture Prize

The 10 + 1 Architecture Prize annually presents a list of the best French architectural designs. Organized by the D’A magazine in collaboration with MAF, this award relies on a prestigious jury, bringing together notable figures in the architecture realm, including architects, critics, journalists, educators, researchers, and historians. The jury selects the most exemplary and relevant projects, without categorizations, after visiting them.
→ The winner of the 2023 10 + 1 Architecture Prize: Atelier RAUM architects for the rehabilitation and extension of a community swimming pool in Saint-Méen-Le-Grand.

  1. Prix de l'Equerre d'Argent

The Equerre d'Argent Award may be the most well-known architecture award presented annually in France to the general public. Organized since 1983 by Le Moniteur magazine, it rewards a team consisting of the project owner and the architect for the construction of a building completed in the current year on French territory, according to various typologies: housing, youth and sports culture, activity spaces, public spaces, and landscaping. The prix de l'Equerre d'Argent is also given to young architects. Created in 1960 and later interrupted, it was relaunched in 1983. The winners receive a bronze sculpture by Bruno Romeda.
→ The winner of the 2022 Equerre d'Argent Award: Charles-Nègre Media Library in Grasse (Alpes-Maritimes). Architects: Ivry Serres Architecture and Beaudouin Architects. Project owner: City of Grasse.

  1. AFEX Grand Prize for French Architecture in the World

The AFEX Grand Prize for French Architecture in the World is a biennial award, recognizing achievements of French architectural agencies abroad since 2010. Organized by AFEX, as the name suggests, it honors a building for its design and execution qualities, delivered outside France. Presented in Venice during the Biennale, it aims to promote the excellence of French architecture internationally. The winning projects are exhibited in France and abroad.
→ The special jury prize of the AFEX Grand Prize was awarded to Marc Mimram for his body of work abroad.

  1. Urban Challenges

Urban Challenges is an annual award organized by Innovapresse and the Traits Urbains magazine, which has been honoring public or private projects contributing to sustainable, inclusive, and resilient cities for 8 years. The laureates are announced in November in Paris during the Forum des Projets Urbains. As a flagship event of Innovapresse, it highlights innovative initiatives for more livable cities.
→ The winner of the 2022 Urban Challenges Award, Jury Mention: Operation Javelot in Paris, for the transformation of a former pagoda into a neighborhood council and tool library (actors: RIVP, WAO).

  1. Women Architects Prize

The Women Architects Prize is a French award created in 2013 by ARVHA and celebrates its 10th edition in 2023, with the support of institutions and partners. Its purpose is to spotlight the work and careers of female architects, provide role models for the younger generations, and promote gender equality in this predominantly male profession. The jury is composed of previous laureates, members of the Order of Architects, and French and international architects.
→ The 2022 Women Architect Prize was awarded to Christelle Avenier of Avenier Cornejo agency.

  1. Eiffel Architecture Trophies

The Eiffel Architecture Steel Trophies are an annual award established in 2015 by ConstruirAcier to recognize steel constructions in France in various categories: spanning, living, working, learning, entertaining, and traveling. Awarded by a panel of architects and engineers, they distinguish architects, engineers, and project owners of steel constructions for their technical and aesthetic qualities.
→ The 2022 Eiffel Trophy for Reuse was awarded to Le Papillon in Saint-Ouen (Project owner: Altavia / Architecture agency: Maximum Architecture).

  1. Wood Sequences Trophies

The Wood Sequences Trophies have been honoring the most accomplished wood projects integrated into their surroundings in France since 2019. Awarded by a jury, they emphasize architectural excellence, ecological approaches, and social commitment. Projects compete in three categories: contextuality, resources, and implementation. Honorable mentions and a Grand Prize are presented to recognize inventive and responsible wooden constructions.
→ The Grand Prize of the 2023 Wood Sequences Trophies was awarded to Agora — École Nationale Vétérinaire — Artbuild – Maison Alfort (73) for the rehabilitation of the university campus.

  1. National Grand Prize for Architecture

The National Grand Prize for Architecture is a biennial award presented by the Ministry of Culture to acknowledge the entire body of work of an architect or team. Relaunched in 2004, it aims to recognize and promote exemplary architectural approaches, assert the role of this field in public policies, and highlight the social role of architects in improving quality of life and ecological transition.
→ The 2022 edition designated Philippe Prost as the laureate.

  1. Urbanism Grand Prize

The Urbanism Grand Prize is an annual award created in 1989, awarded under the high patronage of the Ministry of Urbanism to honor individuals who have contributed to advancing the discipline. Awarded by an international panel of experts following extensive consultation, it highlights professionals who enhance the living environment. The selection criteria are reviewed each year. After the nomination of finalists, the laureate is chosen autonomously. The award ceremony, presided over by the minister, is preceded by a public debate about the work of the laureate.
→ The 2023 Urbanism Grand Prize was awarded to architect-urbanist Sylvain Teyssou.

  1. National Landscape Grand Prize

The National Landscape Grand Prize is a biennial award presented by the Ministry of Culture to promote a landscape approach in territorial development. It rewards innovative approaches carried out in France, the result of exemplary collaboration between an ambitious project owner and a project management team in which the landscape architect plays a central role. Concrete achievements resulting from this approach must be outstanding in terms of results and implementation, taking into account local resources and specificities. This award aims to highlight innovative landscape approaches.
→ In 2022, the Landscape Grand Prize was awarded for the enhancement and protection of Cap Fréhel (Project management: Alain Freytet / Project owner: Conservatoire du Littoral).

  1. Young Architects and Landscape Architects Albums Prize

The Albums of Young Architects and Landscape Architects (AJAP) is a biennial award from the Ministry of Culture, recognizing professionals under 35 for the excellence of their projects and the consistency of their approach. Awarded by a prestigious jury, it provides French and foreign laureates with extensive promotion through a traveling exhibition, a catalog, a website, and a network of partners facilitating their access to commissions. This prize aims to showcase the younger generation and encourage project owners to entrust them with projects.
→ Recognized during the 2020 session: A6A/Roberto de Uña, Michel Hardoin, and Antoine Ragonneau - Bordeaux (33)

  1. Academy of Architecture Awards

The Academy of Architecture's Awards and Honors distinguish professionals in architecture, teaching, research, the building industry, and young architects every year. They aim to highlight those who promote architecture and urban planning.
→ In 2022, the Gold Medal was awarded to architect Dominique Coulon for his entire body of work.

  1. Grand Prize of the Academy of Fine Arts in Architecture

The Grand Prize of Architecture of the Academy of Fine Arts is an international award presented every two years to an architect for their entire career. It recognizes an exemplary trajectory in the field of architecture. Every other year, it also rewards four young teams for innovative projects following a year-long competition process. Finalists benefit from an exhibition, publication, and financial support. The award acknowledges approaches that are open to other disciplines and forward-looking. It asserts the role of architecture in contemporary challenges.
→ The 2022 Grand Prize of Architecture of the Academy of Fine Arts (Charles Abella Prize) was awarded to Christian de Portzamparc.

     14. Prix AMO 

The Prix AMO honors collaboration between architects and building owners. It aims to promote innovative and inclusive real estate projects. It is part of a dynamic of urban renewal, encouraging co-production and the integration of a variety of perspectives, from investors to users. The award recognizes initiatives that anticipate new lifestyles and propose sustainable solutions for the city of tomorrow. Through its winners, the AMO Prize becomes a showcase for excellence in urban co-construction, to highlight a shared architectural culture and new professional practices.
→ OOTI is proud to have supported the AMO Prize for this 2023 edition, and in particular the category of the Most Creative Typology Prize, which was awarded to the Erlenmatt silo in Basel, a stunning transformation of a 1912 silo into a workspace, coworking space, cultural space and housing, created by the Harry Gugger Studio agency (Owner: Stitfung Habitat / Architect: Harry Gugger Studio).

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