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The World Capital of Architecture 2023 : Copenhagen, pioneer of sustainable architecture !

Do you know the world capital of architecture in 2023 ?

Drum roll. It is Copenhagen, At Denmark, which is recognized for its remarkable architectural heritage and its initiatives in terms of sustainable development. No surprise since this initiative launched by UNESCO and theInternational Union of Architects (UIA) chooses the lucky winner every 3 years. The announcement was made in 2021 by Audrey Azoulay, the general manager of theUNESCO.
Copenhagen thus takes over from Rio de Janeiro.

Many events are planned to celebrate this designation. Come on, let yourself be guided. We take you for a walk in the danish streets.

Why was Copenhagen named World Capital of Architecture?

Why this city and not another?

His appointment in Copenhagen owes it to his commitment to sustainable urban development that respects the environment.
The capital is a model in terms of urban planning, transport and the management of natural resources.

Recognition of its iconic architecture, from historic buildings to innovative modern structures, contributed strongly to its election. And, at OOTI, we particularly like these cities where these architects who move the lines.

From Notable architectural achievements of Copenhagen, include the building of the Danish Parliament, Christiansborg, and the royal residence of Amalienborg. The city is also home to impressive examples of contemporary architecture, such as the extension of the Royal Library, nicknamed "the Black Diamond", and the remarkable Copenhagen Opera House, inaugurated in 2005 on the old docks.

Copenhagen is a pioneer in integrating the principles of sustainable development into its architectural projects. Among the emblematic programs: the ecological district of Ørestad, a true showcase of the ecological architecture, the Superkilen city park or the Amager Bakke power station, whose roof has been transformed into a city ski slope (dry ski slope). Yes, you heard right ! 500 meters of descent on a sloping roof await you. Black, red, blue or green slopes, the choice is yours. You can even practice freestyle skiing.

In addition to its modern and original achievements, Copenhagen has a rich architectural heritage. The capital has managed to preserve and enhance its historic buildings, such as Rosenborg Castle, Notre-Dame Cathedral and Christiansborg Palace. These jewels of the past testify to the importance of architecture in the history of the city.

Doesn't that make you want to go for a ride? We are already conquered!

Events and celebrations in 2023

Do you want to organize your next trip there? That's good, to celebrate its designation as World Capital of Architecture in 2023, Copenhagen plans a range of events and activities throughout the year. These events will showcase local architecture, as well as industry achievements and challenges globally.

Among the highlights of the year, we can cite the holding of the 28th UIA World Congress. It will bring together architects, urban planners and experts from around the world to discuss issues related to architecture and sustainable urban development. It will take place from July 2 to 6, 2023 and will have the theme “A sustainable future — leaving no one behind”. Exhibitions, conferences, workshops and guided tours will also be organized throughout the city. Enough to allow visitors to discover the exceptional architecture of Copenhagen and to discuss best practices in terms of design and urban planning.

The designation of Copenhagen as the World Capital of Architecture in 2023 offers a unique opportunity to highlight the city's achievements and encourage other metropolises to follow its example in terms of sustainable urban development. This event also promotes international cooperation and knowledge exchange between architecture and urban planning professionals.

Copenhagen in 2023, and after?

Being named World Capital of Architecture in 2023 is a well-deserved recognition. Copenhagen's achievements in architecture and sustainable development bear witness to this. The events and celebrations planned for the coming year will offer a unique opportunity to discover the city's emblematic architecture and discuss the challenges of urban development on a global scale.

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💡I don't have time to read everything, can you give me a little summary?

  1. Copenhagen has been designated the World Capital of Architecture in 2023 for its remarkable architectural heritage and sustainability initiatives.
  2. The city has a rich historical architectural heritage, but also modern and original achievements.
  3. Numerous events and activities will be organized throughout 2023 to celebrate Copenhagen's designation as the World Capital of Architecture, showcasing local architecture as well as the challenges and issues of the sector at the global scale.

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